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Captain America Podcast

Captain America

Episode 1 Comics #1

Welcome to the first episode of The Mighty Shield: A Captain America Podcast!  The goal of this podcast is to cover every Captain America story ever, focusing primarily on his main titles, but reviewing his many guest appearance as well, and even keeping an eye out for brief cameo appearances.

For the first episode, your star-spangled hosts, Michael Kaiser and Jon M Wilson tackle the debut appearance of the Living Legend of WWII in the pages of COMICS #1.

Episode 2: Avengers #4

We’re back and as promised we take on the Silver Age revival of our hero within the pages of AVENGERS #4.

But that’s just the beginning!  We also cover every appearance of Captain America between AVENGERS #4 and when he finally gets his own title in TALES OF SUSPENSE.  Six months worth of stories, with no guest appearance or cameo left unturned!

Episode 3 Tales of Suspense #58 and Comics #2

image2The first episode where we cover more than one era of Captain America comics. First up, we tackle the Silver Age, taking a look at a killer fight between Iron Man and Captain America in the pages of TALES OF SUSPENSE #58.

Then, after a not-so-brief look at a guest appearance in AVENGERS #8 and a very quick nod to a cameo in FANTASTIC FOUR #31, we go back in time and continue our Golden Age coverage we started in Episode 1, taking a look at COMICS #2.

Episode 4 Tales of Suspense #59 and Comics #3

As this is our hero’s favorite holiday, what better way for us to celebrate it then to release another episode! And to make it even more, we welcome Michael Bailey as our first guest-star! For the Silver Age portion of our show, we tackle Captain America finally getting his own book (well, he has to share with Iron Man, but still…) in TALES OF SUSPENSE #59.

Then, after a brief look at AVENGERS #9 and a really really brief cameo in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18, we go further back in time and continue our Golden Age coverage with CAPTAIN AMERICA #3.

Thanks again to Michael Bailey for being the very first guest-host for this show, it was great to have him on! And you can follow all of Mr. Bailey’s prolific podcasting adventures via his new Twitter feed, so make sure you subscribe!

Episode 5 Captain America The First Avenger and Tales of Suspense #60

image3The episode you never thought that you would hear. The First Avenger on the big screen !

Co-host Michael Kaiser says goodbye to The Mighty Shield, for now, as J. David Weter (Superman Forever Radio, Xavier’s Podcast for Gifted Youngsters) straps on the shield.For the swan song, Michael, David, and Jon discuss the star-spangled Avenger’s big-screen adventure, in all of it’s glory.

Then, in the silver age, a backtrack to Tales of Suspense #59, before jumping into Avengers #10 and a story that never, really happened. Avengers #10 – Another pity case, like the WaspGiant Billy Mays”Hey, Kool-Aid man”Cap Scores

And, next is a cameo by Cap in Tales to Astonish #62, where we coin the term “Buckysad”. And, finally, Tales of Suspense #60, where Cap once again displays his Judo skills.

Episode 6: Captain America and Bucky #620

For the first time on The Mighty Shield, the modern age of the Star Spangled Avenger begins!

We kick it off with Captain America #1, where Steve faces down a specter from the past, as he says goodbye to an old friend. Then, a modern book with a flashback to the origin of our own Bucky Barnes in Bucky #620. It’s an emotional issue, and the book that both hosts look forward to. Then we move on to the Golden age, with Comics #4- featuring ghost counterfeiters, a horror hospital, and Ivan the Terrible.

After the break, we explore the first meeting of Captain America and Nick Fury in Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos #13, see Cap take on a Sumo wrestling General in the Vietnam war with tales of Suspence #61, and we don’t get Spider-Man meeting the Avengers in Avengers #12.