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This is Why You Should Watch Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road 2015
A post-apocalyptic, barren earth is the setting for this newest installment of the Mad Max saga. Civilization as we know it, has been destroyed does not exist anymore. Cities have been completely annihilated and because of a permanent drought, the most valuable commodity is water, called Aqua Cola. Resources like gasoline are traded and bartered with. Tribes and violent gangs fight over the resources, showing no mercy for anyone standing in their way. This alone makes it worth spend a couple of hours to watch Mad Max: Fury Road online free.

Max (Tom Hardy) has survived and is captured by Immortan Joe played by (Hugh Keays-Byrne) who is the leader of a gang of muscled misfits. He wears a disgusting mask and breathes through a pipes attached to some sort of tank on his back. He keeps five wives whose sole purpose is to provide him with children. The wives, beautiful and scantily clad, are not so keen on that and try to escape in a petrol tanker. Max’s dialogue in Fury Road is basic and some of his fans might be disappointed. The movie is fast paced with long and intense chase scenes with the violence that has come to be associated with the franchise.


Tom Hardy and Theron in Fury Road

The hero tries several times to escape, and eventually the rescue comes from the movie’s version of a Femme Fatale, the Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron). She’s tough and vicious and embodies a strong resilient femininity that is confirmed by a prosthetic arm made out of metal. Furiosa is the driver of the tanker with the escaping womens on board. Immortan Joe sends a group of his loyal followers after them and the non-stop action intensifies to breathtaking proportions.

I would dare to say that Furiosa, although female, has more nerve and strength than that of the her partner, which is different to the previous episodes in the Mad Max saga. Theron gives a powerful and convincing performance that enhances her reputation as one of the best modern day actresses in Hollywood.

Immortan Joe's five wives

The wives also play an important part in the film. They are not your usual helpless females, waiting to be rescued, but they participate and play an large role in their efforts to regain their freedom. Rosie Huntington- Whiteley plays one of the girls called The Splendid Angharad. She will also be remembered for her performance in Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, which did nothing for her reputation as an actress.

Mad Max: Fury Road full movie is unique and challenges the modern belief that big budget, CGI soaked films is the only way to reach a demanding modern movie audience. It’s simplistic use of discards and rusted metal to construct barriers, fortresses and weird vehicles, has a unique way to enhance violent and bloody confrontations. These effects are experienced in an intense way by the audience. It is well produced and directed and will pleasantly surprise even the skeptics of the series. Grab a bag of popcorn and take a break from reality and go and watch Mad Max: Fury Road online or at your nearest cinema.